Welcome to the JFK Airport Security Credentialing Portal.

This website is only for use by current Port Authority of NY & NJ Authorized Signatories (i.e. Issuing Officers).

Internet browsers must be upgraded to the most recent versions by August 23, 2023. Google Chrome is the recommended browser to access the AirportICE Web Portal, however other up-to-date browsers may be used. Failure to upgrade the browser by August 24, 2023, will result in an inability to access the AirportICE Web Portal.

If you need technical assistance, contact your IT Department, or do an internet search for UPDATE INTERNET BROWSER.

Using this portal you can:

  • Create Applications

    Create applications for new employees and renewal applications.

  • Check Statuses

    Check an employee’s background check status and badge status.

  • View Additional Information

    Download documents, track expiring badges, and check unaccounted badges.

Need Access?

Authorized Signatories will receive log-on credentials after attending a JFK Security Credentialing Portal training session. For more information contact the JFK Security Credentialing Office at 718-244-4240

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